Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "Luke Arm"

When the robots take charge it will become increasingly common for humans to seek their approval. One way I believe we will be ingratiating ourselves to them will be by becoming more like them. Unfortunately it is impossible for a human to become completely robotic. But there are already ways to bridge the gap.

One particularly visionary inventor is creating groundbreaking technology that will lead the way in the coming years. Dean Kamen, inventor and founder of DEKA (they created the Segway, among other things) is developing a prosthetic arm for veterans that is more functional than any created before.

Here's Kamen giving a short talk from the wonderful TED series:

You can watch a more in-depth video here.

As this technology advances it will only be a matter of time before the prosthetics become more capable than the human arm. And only a matter of time after that until people start electing to have their natural limbs replaced. In the Robot Age these people will likely have a higher status in society, and will be more likely to succeed.

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